Daniel Norgren se

Thursday, August 1st
Belfry — Bruges
8.30pm 9.30pm

In the event of rain being forecast the concerts at the Belfry will be held at the Magdalenazaal (MaZ - Magdalenastraat 27 8200 Bruges).

Daniel Norgren finally announced himself in a very big way in 2015 with the release of his fifth album 'Alabursy', considered by both fans and critics as one of the best albums of that year. Only a few months later he released 'The Green Stone' as well, and this April we are finally getting the Swede's next album 'Wooh Dang'.

Norgren's music lives somewhere between roots, Americana, blues, country and southern soul. The spirit of legends like Neil Young, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Lennon, The Tallest Man On Earth and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy is never too far away, creating a mood that would definitely have been at home in Studio Brussel's 'Duyster'.

His fragile and unpolished voice will take you by surprise more than once during this show. If intense and hypnotising rural blues is your thing, you cannot miss this.