Nouvelle Vague fr

Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions us/nl

Saturday, July 28th
Burg — Bruges

'New wave = bossanova = Nouvelle Vague'. Based on this simple equation Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux created a unique project that gives a whole new meaning to the term 'cover band'! Nouvelle Vague reimagines classics from the post-punk period at the end of the 70's (think Joy Division, The Clash or The Cure a.o.), but country or bluegrass as well, through a fresh jazzy-bossanova lens, and unites them with the rather detached approach of Nouvelle Vague-films. After four longplayers, more than a million albums sold and several tours across the world, the fifth album 'I Could Be Happy' is here and for the first time they also included original songs. Alternating with the dreamy reworks they made their trademark of over the year, the result is a charming album filled with positive vibes. Music that instantly makes you happy!

Away from the clichés and back to the essence of black Afro-American music, with minimal guitar arrangements and percussion, crowned with the mighty vocals of Michelle David. Born and raised with gospel and other black music, she made three records with Onno Smit and Paul Willemsen titled The Gospel Sessions vol. 1,2 and 3, which thrust forward on an irresistible groove. The first records were an exploration of the purest gospel and the cradle of soul. Think of artists like Sam Cook, Ray Charles and of course Aretha Franklin. On the third album influences from blues, jazz and afrobeat seeped through. Live, her music is just as mighty as a church, with fireworks on top!